Our Lab has partnered with StatExperts Medical Courier for our pickup and delivery needs. StatExperts couriers offer STAT delivery of specimens to our lab and utilize a reatime tracking system to keep track of your orders from pickup to delivery. 


Scheduling A Pickup


We encourage our customers to use online scheduling of your pickups to ensure a courier will be assigned to your pickup at the day and time your require.  You must register your account with us before you can schedule your pickup.  Pickups should be scheduled at least 12 hours in advance. 


If you need to change your scheduled pickup, please call the StatExperts dispatch center at (877) 801-7828.


Preparing Specimens for Pickup

  • Ensure all specimens include the appropriate test order form, filled as required.
  • Ensure specimens are stored in a refrigerated environment while waiting for pickup.
  • Ensure you have an ice pack already frozen to be included with your order
  • Include a packing slip with your order that indicates the number of specimens being sent.
  • If using a commercial carrier, such as FedEx, use an appropriate insulated shipping container, as required in the stardard shipping protocol for the test being ordered. 


Courier Customer Service

 If you need to check on the status of a previously scheduled courier pickup, or to request a new pickup,  speak with a StatExperts Dispatcher at  (877) 801-7828.